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July 26-27, 2014 Rating: ADS
Use ADS CDE Entry Form

Entries Open: May 1 Entries Closed: July 11
Method of Accepting Entries: first come first serve

Special Qualifications:
Divisions: Training, Preliminary, Intermediate
Classes: Single: Horse, Pony, Small Pony, VSE; Single: Horse, Pony,
Small Pony, VSE. For CT: (Saturday competition only) Specify
pony size, Classes may be combined at the discretion of the organizer
based on number of entries.
Prize List? No
Organizer(s): Robert P Burrows; PO Box 329, Windsor, SC 29856;
C:330-697-8325; e-mail:
Secretary: Susan Burrows; C:330 -703-0476; e-mail:
Mail Entries to: Secretary

President of the Jury: Lisa Singer, (SC) Ground Jury: Nancy Tomlinson,
(SC); Technical Delegate: Debbie Bevan, (WI) Course Designer:
Robert Burrows; Veterinarian: Mike Geiger; Phone: 330 263 7755;
EMT Service: Critical Life, Mansfield, Ohio (419) 525-0502

Entry/Class Fees: $155 for the full CDE; $ 100 for the Combined Test
(Saturday only); $75 Friday Combined Test also with one dressage
judge and a different cones course Note: you can enter for both the
CT on Friday and the CDE or CT on Saturday; Post Entry Fees:
$175 for each; Entry Fee Refund Policy: Full refund before closing
date. After closing date, July 5th 2011, entry fee refunded with vet
certificate less $25 office fee. After closing date, no refund on stalls
or dinner tickets. Refunds are processed one week after show completion;
Stall Fee: $140 per horse stall; Tack stalls may be available for
an additional $ 100 each; All fees (entry, stall, camping) are for the
weekend, including Friday and Saturday nights only, early arrival
or late departure will be additional stall fee of $100 per night (no
charge for extra nights for out-of-state entrants) shavings provided
per stall; water is on-site ; Trailering-in for the day only $100 site
fee all horses staying overnight must be in a stall. Stall/Trailering-in
Deposit: $25; Separate Check? Yes; Stall Refund Policy: Horse
stall and tack stall fees are not refundable; deposit of $25 is refunded
after final inspection prior to going home, if we find the stall picked
but not stripped. Other Fees: Electric camp sites available at $50,
horses cannot be kept at the electric sites – fee is inclusive of Friday
and Saturday, additional nights at $50 each for Thursday or Sunday
except for out-of-state competitors who are allowed to stay an extra
night without charge Note: Put your request in the Camping section on
the ADS entry form. Competitors party Saturday $30 per person for
Saturday night competitors dinner includes box lunch on Saturday
and Sunday and coffee on Saturday and Sunday with rolls only
FREE -- WINE AND CHEESE PARTY with drivers meeting on
Friday following the course walk which starts at 5 pm is catered and
on-site. A food ticket can be purchased for the caterer the cost is
$25 per person and includes lunch Saturday and Sunday breakfast
Saturday and Sunday. The competitors party on Saturday is not
included in the food ticket. Make Checks Payable To: Ohio CDE

Tentative Schedule
Stable Opens: July 24 at noon; Secretary’s Office Opens: July 25 at
noon; Horse Inspection: July 27 during marathon; Course Walk
and Briefings: briefing July 25, 6 pm; course walk can be arranged
for Saturday Presentation: July 26 on the move; Dressage: July
26 8:30 am; Marathon: July 27, 8:30 am; Cones: Sat July 26,
following Dressage; Cones competition runs concurrent with theDressage
competition, competitors will proceed to Cones as soon
as possible following their Dressage completion; Social Events:
Friday July 25 Wine and Cheese party 7 pm following the briefing,
at Windy Knoll; Saturday July 26 competitors dinner at 6 pm at
Windy Knoll Farm; awards ceremony at about 2 pm on Sunday
July 27 Windy Knoll, Other: Golf Carts for rent, contact secretary
for pricing and availability.

Test(s): Training test #4; Preliminary test #4; Intermediate test # 7
Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Grass/Grass --
Other Dressage Info: VSE 40 x 80; Training Preliminary 40 x 80, and
Intermediate 40 x 100 -- Formal Post and Chain Arena

Terrain: Grass on Rolling hills, some pavement, country road crossing
with crossing guards, no rivers or streams E section through the
forest with dirt trails well groomed except for a few tree roots. Golf
carts and motorized vehicles allowed unless POJ closes the course
for weather related trail conditions
Level: Training; 3 Sections; 10 - 12 km; 5 Obstacles, Water obstacle
with alternative route.
Level: Preliminary; 3 Sections; 11- 12 km; 6 Obstacles
Level: Intermediate; 3 Sections; 11 - 13 km; 6 Obstacles
Other: VSE; 3 Sections; 8-10 km; 4 Obstacles

Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Grass/Grass
Level: Training; Clearance: 35 cm with VSE 30 cm
Level: Preliminary; Clearance: 30 cm with VSE 25 cm
Level: Intermediate; Clearance: 25 cm with VSE 20 cm

Other Information
Veterinary/Health Requirements: Negative Coggins within one year of
the show date. Health certificate for out-of-state entries.
Stabling Information: permanent stalls, inside carriage parking
Driver/Groom twice around allowed on marathon? (Article 943.2)Yes,
Driver or grooms may compete with a second entry at the discretion
of the organizer, scheduling permitted. The second entry must
be entered as H.C regardless of class or division and driven after
the competing entry. Grooms may ride with more than one entry.
Misc. Show info: Electric camp sites available $50, no horses at the
electric sites – fee is inclusive of Friday and Saturday, additional
nights at $50 each for Thursday or Sunday except for out-of-state
competitors who are allowed to stay an extra night without charge;
Water from city and well is available on site. Motorized vehicles
including golf carts and scooters are allowed.

Awards Offered: ribbons for all divisions/classes Championship by division;
dressage award by division; cones award by division; marathon
award based on cumulative obstacle times by division for Preliminary
and Intermediate and based on best route in one obstacle for Training
Food Available on the Grounds: If you buy food voucher, see competitor’s
party section under FEE’s.

Accommodations: see Ohio CDE web site
Camping On Grounds: Yes both primitive and electric
Camping Off Grounds: yes

Directions to Show: see Ohio CDE web site or From East, take I-76
west to Lodi and it becomes St. Rt. 224 proceed west to traffic signal
at St. Rt. 58 and turn left or south, about 1 mile south is Windy
Knoll Farm. From North, take I-71 south to I-76 exit or Rt. 224,
proceed west to St. Rt. 58 From South take I-71 north to St. Rt.
250 exit turn right or east, proceed 2.3 miles to St. Rt. 89 and turn
left or north 9.5 miles to St. Rt. 58, Windy Knoll is on the left at
the intersection, entrance is 500 feet north on 58. From West
take St. Rt. 224 to Sullivan, at the traffic light which is St. Rt. 58
turn left or South about 1 miles to Windy Knoll on right
OHIO CDE & CT at Windy
Windy Knoll Farms
474 St. Rt 58, Sullivan, Ohio
for entry form go to
ADS CDE Entry Form